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    All Servers: Rules and regulations

    All Servers: Rules and regulations

    Battlefield 4:

    • Respect all admins, BLS members and recruits
    • Respect other players
    • No attacking uncaps or shooting into or out of the uncaps (Rush & CTF Exluded)
    • No TKing (Includes for vehicles or flags)
    • Do not destroy team assets or steal assets from red zones.
    • No base AA on ALL maps. Warnings will be issued first. Then kicked
    • No killing in VEHICLES until 8v8 (Auto kill plugin applied)
    • If you have any issues or if you have noticed that someone has broken these rules use the @gameop command in chat
    • Have fun and remember to visit us @ blacklistedsociety.com

    Rush modes are considered to have no uncaps. therefore base raping is not counted as a rule. BLS members, or admins have the ability to nuke a particular team if they feel that the server is in risk of emptying because of constant attacking of attackers spawn.
    They may also nuke the defenders to give the attackers a chance to take the first set of MCOM's. This is subject to the admins on at the time.


    - No abusive imagery that offends members within the group
    - Do not use server chat unless there is a big issue that has occurred. Please use private chat or channel chat if you need to contact a member
    - Respect all members within teamspeak
    - Respect all new clans that wish to scrim/join us in game
    - No Trolling others members

    Other Servers

    These rules apply on any other servers that we have or will have in the future

    - No cheating/hacking on any servers
    - No teamkilling others players
    - Respect your admins and BLS members
    - Respect other players

    Members using other alias's is from now on banned. Members trolling or abusing others in our own servers under another name won't be tolerated by any admins or gameops - Everyone will be treated the same, This goes for management, Gameops, Admins and senior members... We are all accountable for our own actions.

    Thanks guys.
    ~Last revised 24/03/13
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