Set in the Amazon jungle, Green Hell the intense survival simulator.
The game's been in Early Access for nearly a year, and currently boasts a 'Very Positive' rating on Steam.
A year after hitting Early Access and the full release adds the long-anticipated story mode. It successfully stands out in the overcrowded survival genre by smoothly blending story and survival.
The developers at Creepy Jar try to be unique without overcomplicating your needs by having protein, carbohydrates, fats, thirst, and sanity.

Gathering materials and creating items to help you survive and build in the jungle, The story mode eases you into the plot. Then, almost in the blink of an eye, the struggle to survive hits you like a brick wall. Consistently walking the edge of death is why Green Hell is both a terrible time and a great one.

Green Hell Co-op Mode Roadmap
Green Hell's co-op mode will then launch in late 2019 or into next year.
The Green Hell co-op mode was revealed through a roadmap that charts the plans Creepy Jar has for its survival game in the near future.
Before players can tackle not getting eaten by crocodiles together in Green Hell's co-op mode, the title will receive the plant cultivation feature, alongside expanded shelters that add more floors to camps, and controller support. All three features are scheduled to release in 2019. -- A$ 35.95