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Thread: New Recruit

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    Red face New Recruit

    Afternoon all

    My BF1 Character is KiwiKnight, also known in BF4 & 3 as RTVc I have been playing on your bf1 server for at least a month now, and im impressed. i wanna join.
    Most of my BF time has been as a scout sniper, though i can play as all classes, i perfer the scout. Would like to meet fellow scout snipers. And all.
    I just got Arm3 on steam, Im in Eve online also.


    For a long time i have been waiting for a community that has a code of conduct . And take FPS more seriously than your rambo / cowboys spray and prey clans.
    Im not all about winning, i mostly play to stay alive, winning a match may win a battle, in my eyes in FPS it does not win the war from within.


    So what i would like from this core, is some tactics & structure before deployment. Nothing to over the top to star with, all will come in good time. As i stated ,i play to stay alive that also apply's to the squad of my command.
    What i expect when in my squad is team work, in command or not in command. Sure we may loose some along the way, But hole point is for members to get proficient.
    Because the whats the point in playing if your always dieing. My point is to get good not get worse or stay stagnent. But your sure good if you live to tell the tale.

    Excuse the brazenness
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