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    BlackListedSociety's Monthly Raffle [BMR] [TO BE CONTINUED]

    BlackListedSociety's Monthly Raffle [BMR]

    BlackListedSociety's Monthly Raffle is another way we are trying to give back to the awesome members which donate and contribute to helping us with community up keep.

    What is BMR?

    BMR is an idea by Proxi to help reward all users which donate/become BLS supporters. The idea is for all registered members which donate & purchase our supporter packages to be entered into a "raffle" for a game of their choice up to the value of $50. This raffle will occur for the first 2 months and if popular will become a normal monthly event.

    How does BMR work?

    For every $5 someone donates they will receive one entry into the draw. Blacklisted Suupporters will get 3 entries a month for every game they support for the duration of their subscription.

    Donations - Every $5 = 1 Blackisted Token
    For every 1 Supporter Package = 3 BlackListed Tokens

    A simple concept which hopefully will take off, any feedback is welcome!

    BMR will be conducted on the last day of every month in Teamspeak (ts3.blacklistedsociety.com). People wishing to be part of this event must be in teamspeak, if your number is called and you are not there then a new number will be called.

    BMR will be conducted at 8:30pm BLS Time (Please make a management team member aware if you cannot attend)

    Best of luck and thank you everyone for helping our community grow.

    ~BLS Management Team & Proxi

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