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Escape From Tarkov patch 0.12.7.Is here

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  • Escape From Tarkov patch 0.12.7.Is here

    As some of you know the installation of the occurred this week (late July 2020) and although I haven't had much game time since the patch droped,,.here are some of the key updates.


    • Customs expansion (expansion of industrial area, construction site, added many new explorable buildings, stationary weapons, new location for Reshala spawn etc.)
    • Added new scav boss - Sanitar.

    A former doctor, he worked in the health resort "Lazurny bereg", and before that in the TerraGroup laboratory. After the events that happened in Tarkov, he gathered a gang with former colleagues and operates on the "Shoreline". Actively uses professional skills in combat, quickly healing himself and the gang members. He uses various stimulants and medications, including those of his own production. He can quickly perform surgery by pulling out a bullet or applying a tourniquet on the field. Sometimes he is loyal to the Scavs and can leave a couple of first-aid kits or other medical supplies for his own group members on location

    • New quests on Shoreline
    • System for reporting suspicious players, unacceptable nicknames and game bugs abusers (on the post-match screen)

    • Lots of Improved AI behavior, to much to list

    New weapons:

    • FN GL40 Grenade launcher
    • Mossberg 590A1 Shotgun

    New ammo:

    • .366 AP-M
    • .45 ACP Hydr-Shock
    • 9x19 mm QuakeMaker
    • 9x19 mm 7N31
    • .45 ACP Lasermatch FMJ
    • .45 ACP AP
    • 7.62x51 mm M993
    • 40x46 мм M381 HE
    • 40x46 мм M386 HE
    • 40x46 мм M406 HE
    • 40x46 мм M433 HEDP
    • 40x46 мм M441 HE
    • 40x46 мм M576 buckshot

    New stimulants:

    • 3-(b-TG)
    • L1 (Noradrenaline)
    • P22 (Specimen 22)
    • AHF1-M
    • Meldonin
    • "Obdolbos" cocktail
    • M.U.L.E