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Father and son

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  • Father and son

    hello lads my young bloke has just got MW for his birthday.
    Joel ktm rider on Xbox one would it be ok for him to play in some games with us no ts or in game for him
    he is only 11 i know im waiting for it bad parenting .
    its the first game we can cross play together
    that's why I'm asking the community.

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    No worries at all,

    At the end of the day, youre the parent and can decided what he can and cant do.

    Plus, will be good to have a termite that can get some kills


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      don't laugh he kept on beating me yesterday


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        Yeah I agree, we dont much talk in game and TBH COD is as salty as it gets so he is going to hear a lot worse from public gamers than he will from us lol I hope he has fun and enjoys the game.