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How do I join [BLS] teamspeak?

To join our teamspeak you will need to first download the teamspeak3 client found HERE

Our teamspeak address is: ts3.blacklistedsociety.com

There is no password to join, however you will not be able to leave the lobby until a BLS member gives you "Friends of BLS" status. Just poke 1 of our friendly members and ask them for help!

For further information on how to install and use teamspeak please follow this LINK

How do I donate/subscribe to [BLS] and whats the difference?

Donations are just that, they go towards all the costs associated with running a community and pay for things like but not limited to our website, domain names, game servers and teamspeak

If you would like to make a donation to our community please follow this LINK

If however you want to help us out and receive a few perks as well, please purchase a BLS supporter package HERE

Thanks for your support

How to I apply to join [BLS]?

To become a member of BLS you need to follow a few steps as well as fulfill a few requirements

First off you must be 18+ (If you are 17 and turning 18 your application will need support from an admin)

You need to REGISTER on our forums

You then need to fill out an INTRODUCTION

Lastly you will need to fill out an APPLICATION, it is recommended you get a referrer within the BLS community if you know someone but is not mandatory

Once this is all completed you can wear [BLSr] tags while you are in the recruitment stage, within this stage you are monitored on your activity within the community and also your character remembering at this stage you are representing the BLS name

Once the recruitment stage is over you will hopefully be permitted to remove the "r" from your tag

Don't forget to check out our CODE OF CONDUCT

Good luck!

How do i request a scrim match with [BLS]?

BLS love competition and welcome friendly scrims against other clans

To make a request to scrim against us please complete this FORM and one of our scrim masters will be in touch

How do I request to be unbanned on a [BLS] Game/Voice Server?

To be unbanned from any BLS server you will need to complete an UNBAN REQUEST

Please include as much information as possible for the admins to be able to provide a fair decision

If you have been banned, now might be a good time to check out our SERVER RULES to ensure it doesn't happen again

How do I report a player on a [BLS] Game/Voice server?

If a player is breaking our server rules or you think someone is hacking we appreciate the heads up

Please report them HERE, if it is urgent please contact an admin in game or in our teamspeak and it will be dealt with appropriately

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